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Menu and prices
Minimum order for 10; order must be placed 24 hrs in advance.
Sandwiches and Salads
$ 11.95 / person
Soup and Salad
$ 9.95 / person
Buffet Style Luncheon
Minimum order of 20
Soup and Sandwich
$ 10.95 / person
Dessert Menu

Pierogies with meat filling
Pierogies with sauerkraut, cabbage, and wild mushrooms
Pierogies with potato and cheese

Hot Appetizers Back to top
Baby sausages
Mini zucchini pancakes
Mini green onion and potato pancakes
Satay skewers
Coconut shrimp
Mini crab cakes
Crepe purses with sea scallops
Calypso shrimp skewers
Cheese and shripm tarts
Potato boats
Lamb koftas

Cold Appetizers Back to top
Salmon Nest
Mini zucchini pancakes
Smoked salmon gazpacho
Marinated tuna
Little bruschettas
Spicy tuna tartar
Beef mini sandwiches
Red pear
Seafood: Steamed mussels
Stuffed grape leaves
Avocado halves with shrimps
Grilled peaches

Salads Back to top
Spinach Salad
Leeks Salad
Nicoise Salad
Beets Salad
Romain Salad
Roasted Vegetable Salad
Young Mixed Greens Salad

Soups Back to top
Gingered winter squash soup
Salmon bisque
Barley Soup
Corn Bisque
Mexican Red Bean Soup
Cucumber Soup
Pepper and Ginger Soup

Main Courses Back to top
Seafood: Spice crusted salmon
Seafood: Salmon burgers
Seafood: Horseradish crusted salmon
Seafood: Pan seared salmon fillet
Seafood: Orange roughy
Seafood: Baked fillet of trout
Seafood: Mussels provancale
Seafood: Steamed mussels
Seafood: Poached halibut
Seafood: sea scallops
Beef: Filet mignon
Beef: Beef fillet
Pork: Pork tenderloin
Pork: BBQ ribs
Veal: Veal chops
Veal: Vienner schnitzel
Lamb: Leg of lamb
Lamb: Boneless leg of lamb
Poultry: Chicken breast
Poultry: Chicken cakes
Poultry: Duck
Poultry: Cornish game hen

Desserts Back to top
Crème caramel
Caramel souffle
Fruit - almond cobbler
Peach crostata
Pear-apricot compote
Red pear
Grilled peaches
Cakes: Cheese cake
Cakes: Poppy seed tart
Cakes: Walnut tart
Cakes: Meringue
Cakes:: Lemon chiffon cake
Cakes: Fruit tarts.
Cakes: Birthday cake

* To prepare our dishes we use only the highest quality, the freshest ingredients available locally.

* Your order will be ready for a pick-up at the predetermined time, or we will deliver it to a specified location at the modest fee.

* Unless special arrangements are made our dishes will be served using your own dinnerware.

* Your final order should be placed at the latest three days before the event. To assure our services beyond the delivery of food, your order should be placed at least one week before the event.

* The smallest order we will accept is for the party of four.
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