Category: LUNCH MENU
Soup and Salad
$ 9.95 / person

All our soups are homemade
* Tomato bisque
* Roasted red pepper cream
* Barley, mushrooms, tomato soup
* Chilli
* Winter squash and ginger root soup
* Corn chowder
* Vegetable soup
* Wild mushroom soup
* Baked potato soup

* Caesar salad with homemade dressing
and garlic croutons (add $1.00 for
grilled chicken)
* Greek salad with homemade dressing,
olives and feta cheese
* Mixed green salad with cucumbers,
tomatoes, red onion with your choice
of two dressings (Dijon mustard
vinaigrette, creamy blue cheese)
* French style potatoes salad with green
onion, capers and garlic
* Caprease salad seasonal, with
tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and fresh
* Spinach salad with sautee onions,
pecans and dry cranberries

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